How to Find the Best Cannabis Dispensary in Boulder, CO

Finding the Best Cannabis Dispensary in Boulder, Colorado

Cannabis is readily available in convenient Boulder

The great thing about Boulder is that nothing is too far away from anything else. A compact city, in a beautiful location, Boulder has a small town feel. It doesn’t, however, lack the amenities of a more urban environment. With the legalization of both medicinal and recreational marijuana, cannabis if one thriving industry in Boulder. Dispensaries exist throughout the city. To find the best cannabis dispensary for you, you’ll want to consider quality as well as location.

Cannabis Flower from Best cannabis dispensary in Boulder

Product quality

Pay close attention to product before you buy. This helps distinguish premium cannabis from the lower-quality stuff. Premium cannabis receives better care from the moment it’s planted. Often grown holistically, the “good stuff” is usually cultivated using organic products. It’s also often grown in smaller batches to provide extra personal care. The genetics of the seed play an important role as well to ensure a quality product sold at the best cannabis dispensaries around the world.

MAC Boulder Colorado Best cannabis Dispensary

Next, cannabis gets harvested and processed into products you can buy at your local dispensary. Like Cannabis flower…To identify premium cannabis flower, look for these plant traits:

  • Color — cannabis buds that range from light to dark green are the good stuff. It means they’ve come from a healthy plant.
  • Trichomes — you should also see little spikes that almost sparkle on the plant. These trichomes are indicative of quality.
  • Smell — whether you get notes of funk, flowers or fruit, if your marijuana has a dense and robust scent, you’re good. The stronger the smell, the better the strain. It means the plant has a higher concentration of natural chemical compounds. Specific high-quality smells consist of coffee, chocolate, flowers or citrus.

You also want to take into consideration the vibe of your dispensary. If it feels dirty, or the staff isn’t knowledgeable about what they’re selling, you’re not in a high-quality establishment. They most likely won’t carry premium cannabis if they don’t know how to properly care for it. You can’t be the best cannabis dispensary operating like that! 

Boulder Colorado shopping

Shop access

After finding the best quality cannabis in Boulder, take note of the location of your dispensary. Having to drive half an hour for a pick-up isn’t always worthwhile. Maybe the dispensary’s hours don’t work with your schedule. Maybe traffic is just too much to make the trip. It’s important to have the right location, selling high-quality cannabis to get the best experience purchasing cannabis.

You’ll most likely find more than one dispensary that sells premium cannabis. Once you do, narrow down the best choice by looking at these additional factors:

  • When are they open?
  • How long will it take me to drive there and back?
  • Is parking easy?
  • Am I comfortable shopping there?
  • Is the dispensary itself as high-end as its product?

Cannabis delivery drivers Boulder Colorado


As delivery becomes available, the location of your dispensary will factor in heavily as well. The service isn’t widely available yet in Colorado. However, the success of delivery in California is inspiring other states to consider the option. As of 2020, Boulder allows the delivery of medicinal marijuana. Dispensaries must have a license and you can only order from your assigned caregiver location. Colorado plans to allow the delivery of recreational marijuana in 2021. While the state will legalize it, it’s up to each city whether they participate.

The location of your dispensary matters because it impacts the time it takes for you to get a delivery. If your dispensary is across town, longer wait. One that’s closer means faster service, which everyone likes. Make sure to ask your favorite dispensary whether they’re licensed to deliver medicinal marijuana.

Cannabis Concentrates - Shatter Yellow Ice

The best products and the perfect location in Boulder, Colorado

Marquis Cannabis offers premium products in a central, Boulder location. Located downtown on Broadway, we’re close to the University of Colorado, Boulder, Central Park and Pearl Street Mall. Surrounded by a ton of restaurants, taverns and a Biergarten, we are a perfect dispensary to visit. Whether you want to start your day with us or swing by on your way home, we make it easy. Come to Marquis Cannabis and see why our friends say we’re the best cannabis dispensary in Boulder. 😉  

Our central location will also help for deliveries. We’re close to all major downtown spots. We also have quick access to areas around Central Boulder, Mapleton Hill, Lower Arapahoe and University Hill. You won’t have a long wait ordering from us.

Learn more about the strains and products we offer, then come in and check us out. You’ll like what you see.

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About Boulder, Colorado

About Boulder, Colorado

The luxurious side of Boulder

Boulder is a wonderful destination for a vacation. It combines so many elements that there’s plenty for everyone to stay entertained. Nestled among the base of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder is both a perfect place for those craving an outdoor vacation and one for those looking to relax in a fun, laid back town. As a hub for hippie and counterculture, Boulder has a long history of attracting visitors. Don’t let the vibe deceive you though. Boulder has as many high-end places to stay, shop and eat at as it does chill hangouts.  

downtown Boulder Colorado - Birds Eye Low Angle


For the best views, look for hotels close to the Flatirons. The St. Julien Hotel and Spa not only gives you amazing scenery to look at, but also has a high-end spa to enjoy. It’s the complete accommodation package for the savvy traveller. Even the lobby and patio are beautiful.

If you’re interested in staying closer to the action in Boulder, check out Hotel Boulderado. This historic, landmark hotel is right in the middle of downtown. It’s close to Pearl Street Mall, the Boulder Theater, and plenty of fine dining. With Victorian-inspired decor, the hotel honors its staying power in the city. It opened its doors back in 1909.

Boulder Mountains Sunset


Spending time outdoors is the thing to do in Boulder. Take advantage of guided tours or self-led explorations through nature. Walk, bike or float through Rocky Mountain National Park or Boulder Reservoir. For a unique experience, take to the air in Boulder for some memorable sights. You can schedule a hot air balloon ride, helicopter excursion or fly over Boulder on a glider plane. See the Flatirons or the Front Range from a totally different perspective.

You can also spend time absorbing the local history and culture of Boulder. Deeply connected to how it all began, Boulder offers guided tours through Chautauqua Park. You can see the site of the city’s first setter encampment, and so much more. For a more modern option, the art deco exterior of the Boulder Theater reminds visitors of the electric culture of Boulder. Catch a locally-produced show or get tickets to a big-name act coming through town.

For something extra special, schedule a tour at Celestial Seasonings. See how the largest tea maker in North America blends your favorite tea. You’ll visit the production floor before making a stop in the Mint Room. Here you can sample any of the 90-plus teas and view the original art found on the tea boxes you’re used to buying.

Boulder Colorado Restaurants chicken Slicing


Labeled as America’s Foodiest Town by Bon Appétit, Boulder has amazing menus to sample whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Visit Blackbelly Market or Santo, two restaurants owned by Top Chef champ, Hosea Rosenberg. Blackbelly Market is a combo restaurant/butcher shop. Santo features Northern New Mexican cuisine. Even breakfast is a major affair with restaurants serving dishes like pineapple upside-down pancakes (Snooze A.M Eatery) or a salmon and asparagus omelette (Tangerine.) For a true high-end culinary experience, visit Flagstaff House. Partake in their pre-fixe menus.

No matter the meal, local artisan food producers give restaurants in Boulder fantastic access to the best ingredients. Chefs find inspiration in what’s available to create tasty dishes for visitors to try. You’ll find a restaurant to satisfy your tastebuds, whatever cuisine you’re in the mood to eat.

Cannabis Cocktails Boulder Colorado

Happy hour

Before you sit down to dinner, grab a drink. Tasting rooms across the city feature organic and innovative brews for any taste. You can take a tour of your favorite brewery or hop from one to the next sampling the local favorites. To get a complete taste of the local beer scene in Boulder use the bike-friendly Boulder Beer Trail. Stopping at breweries, wineries and distilleries, you’ll get closely acquainted with what the regulars drink.

Pearl Street Shopping Boulder


One of the biggest attractions for shopping in Boulder is Pearl Street. A brick-paved stretch in the downtown area, Pearl Street attracts locals and visitors to shop, eat and drink. Walking this pedestrian mall is a must-do when in Boulder.

Keep your eye out for artisan markets around town as well. With a high concentration of artists, Boulder is brimming with creativity. Find a one-of-a-kind piece to bring back home from your travels to Boulder. Check out booths in artisan markets, craft fairs, makers marts, or holiday markets. There’s usually something going on every weekend.

Close Up of Boulder Colorado Cannabis Flower

Smoking (the reefer)

The luxury doesn’t end when you decide to partake in cannabis in Boulder. Both medicinal and recreational cannabis is legal. Purchase flowers, concentrates, edibles, and paraphernalia to enjoy the best of the best in local marijuana. One dispensary you shouldn’t pass up visiting while in Boulder is Marquis Cannabis. This high-end dispensary focuses on premium strains, and is conveniently located downtown. We take pride in offering only the best products and look forward to seeing you at our dispensary when you’re in town.

Information throughout this piece thanks to

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Green Tourism in Boulder, Colorado

Green Tourism in Boulder, Colorado 

Cannabis lovers opt for Green Tourism in Boulder, Colorado

Green tourism has carried multiple meanings over the last few decades. Originally, it was the term used to define hotels with that note saying they wouldn’t wash your towels if you left them on a hook. Today, many people associate it with anything that’s good for the environment. The term has held many associations, but this is not what we’re talking about here. Our version of green tourism involves cannabis, and a lot of it. 

Boulder Colorado at night

Cannabis tourists

Whether you toss in yoga classes or a few spa treatments and sightseeing, to be a cannabis tourist, you need marijuana. Not surprising, this type of trip is pretty popular. According to the Colorado Department of Revenue, the state had 6.5 million cannabis tourists in 2014, and the number continues to grow.

Venturing out as a green tourist means engaging with the cannabis culture in the area. You can create your own itinerary or connect with a company offering organized tours. The tours are a great way to learn about a place’s cannabis history as well as see the town. Most green tourists want more than a few dispensary tours. Take advantage of opportunities to visit growers, restaurants that cook with cannabis, cannabis massages or even cannabis-friendly art classes. It’s also okay to do a few regular touristy things too. In Boulder, that can include some amazing hikes and some fun meandering around downtown.

Orange Krush Cannabis Flower

Save the date

For hardcore cannabis tourists, the perfect day for vacation is, of course, April 20th. 420 is a big deal in cities like Boulder. Up to 15,000 pot smokers have gathered in the main quad of the University of Colorado to enjoy some herb. If you’re a “green” traveller, being in a state where cannabis is legal on this special day can mean a lot of extra fun. It’s also a great way to connect to the cannabis culture alongside others who appreciate recreational marijuana as well.

Cannabis Grow Boulder, CO

Green tourism in Boulder, CO

“Boulder has ALWAYS been a very cannabis friendly city, even before mainstream legalization,” according to Kush Tourism. The city is close to so much natural beauty, in addition to being an epicenter for marijuana. You can go on some amazing hikes in Boulder, and enjoy as much cannabis as you want. This creates a unique trip you can’t get everywhere. 

Close Up Cannabis Bud

Strategic location

Boulder is the perfect pitstop for cannabis-lovers exploring the state of Colorado. Less than an hour drive from Denver, you can create a memorable day trip to this laidback hub of counterculture and weed. Trekking to a ski town for your vacation? Boulder is perfectly located to work into your itinerary for a quick smoke before hitting the slopes. Don’t pass up the opportunity for such an uncommon experience in such a beautiful place.

Boulder Colorado shopping

Smoke and nature

If your preferred method of enjoying cannabis is with a J, and you can’t smoke indoors, get out into nature. Boulder offers scenic hikes through Flagstaff Mountain or the Flatirons. If you have an entire day, explore Eldorado Canyon State Park. You can smoke in these locations as long as you follow fire restrictions and practice general safety. If you prefer edibles, you can still have a memorable experience as a green tourist in Boulder. Head out into nature after you enjoy that special snack.

Cannabis Flower Close Up Boulder, CO

Combine premium with craft

The other bonus to making Boulder your vacation destination are the breweries. You can pick up some premium cannabis from one of the high-end, local dispensaries, then grab a locally-brewed cold one. Craft breweries are as easy to find throughout Boulder as dispensaries. Stick close to the University of Colorado, Boulder campus for some great options in both beer and food. 

  • BRU offers a variety of ales as well as a list of non-barley based beers. Their dinner menu is also nothing to sneer at with sourdough pizzas and entrees like harissa chicken kabobs and crispy confit pork.
  • Vision Quest is another brewery/restaurant worth a visit. They also offer drive-thru pickup if you call ahead on beers like Ship in a Bottle and Hazy Citrus IPA. 

From cold-pressed juice and speciality coffee in the morning, all the way up to a fine dining experience at night, Boulder has the whole package — food, brew and cannabis.


Keep it green

Being a green tourist today means appreciating all the regular tourist stuff a city offers while also paying special attention to its cannabis culture. Boulder offers it all. The beauty of nature combined with a charming town, laid back vibe and plenty of pot. You get the full experience. 

While visiting Boulder, make sure one of your stops is Marquis Cannabis. This high-end dispensary focuses on premium strains and products like edibles, concentrates and flowers. We’re conveniently located right in downtown Boulder, making us an easy stop to add to any travel itinerary. We look forward to seeing you

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Benefits of Curbside Cannabis Pickup & Delivery

Benefits of Curbside Cannabis Pickup & Delivery 

Get your marijuana without walking into a store

Having so many choices when it comes to purchasing cannabis in Boulder is a good thing, until you can’t do your shopping on site. You may get too busy to shop around. Something outside of your control may stop you from going into stores. Either way, you need alternatives to buying product. The cannabis industry in Boulder is sensitive to these challenges. Many are offering alternatives to traditional methods for shopping. The demand for curbside pick-up or delivery is rising. Here’s what you should know about going this route for your cannabis. 

Home cannabis delivery in boulder, CO

Confirm quality

Familiarize yourself with a dispensary before you place an order. You want to make sure they meet your quality standards. Research them online or make at least one trip to the store if possible. You want to order from a dispensary that focuses on premium strains for their products to avoid disappointment in the end. You also want to work with a staff who knows their stuff. Make sure when you talk to employees they’re able to answer your questions. Employees should be friendly and helpful.

Cannabis Bud: Delivery near boulder, CO

Explore options for purchasing

Another sign of a good dispensary is how they meet the needs of their customers. For those who can’t easily walk into a dispensary, what options are available for ordering? Whether making orders online or over the phone, dispensaries should give you alternative ways of collecting your purchase.

Photo overlooking Boulder, Colorado

Curbside pick-up

It may feel a little odd driving to a store and not going in to make a purchase, but there are benefits to curbside pick-up for cannabis. If you’re new to marijuana and want to keep things discreet, you can avoid getting seen. If you’re sick or immunocompromised, you can avoid personal contact. Any reason is enough to make it okay to not walk into a store, which is why curbside pick-up is helpful. 

Here’s what the curbside process looks like in Boulder:

  • Place your order online via phone. Your dispensary will have a system in place. 
  • Wait for confirmation and details on when your order is ready for pick up.
  • Drive to the store and park, usually in a certain parking spot. Have the right amount of cash with you to complete the purchase if you couldn’t pay online with a credit card. You also need a valid ID. 
  • An employee will then come out, verify your ID and order and collect your payment. They prefer exact change, but you should add a little extra for a tip.
  • They’ll return with your cannabis order and place it in your car.
  • Before you drive off, double-check to make sure everything is correct.

It’s simple and easy. There are no lines to wait in, and no time wasted on site. You can browse online in the comfort of your own home before ordering, and pick up when it works for you.

Man enjoys cannabis home delivery in boulder, CO


This is a newer service in Colorado and has yet to include recreational marijuana deliveries. Currently in Boulder, deliveries are only made for medicinal marijuana. Dispensaries must have a delivery license first. Then, you can assign them as your caregiver and order from them. Colorado made this service legal in 2020. In 2021, the state will allow the delivery of recreational marijuana. It’s up to each city whether they provide this service.

To order medicinal marijuana for delivery:

  • Place your order to your specific dispensary online or by phone.
  • With the confirmation of your order, you’ll receive a delivery time or delivery window.
  • Collect an exact cash payment and your valid ID. 
  • When your order arrives, show your ID, sign for the delivery and pay.
  • Don’t forget to tip. Twenty percent is reasonable.

Remember that deliveries must go to a home, and you must be at least 21 and a medical card holder. The maximum delivery in Boulder is either 2 oz flower, 8 g concentrate, 20,000 mg of edibles or any combination.

The benefits of delivery for cannabis center on access. You don’t have to visit your dispensary. No driving a long distance or waiting around if the store is busy. You may even get delivery outside of regular business hours. Especially if you’re sick, delivery is a great convenience.

Man takes cannabis tincture from cannabis delivery in boulder

Easy access in Boulder, Colorado

Taking customer needs very seriously, Marquis Cannabis makes it easy to buy. With curbside pick-up in place, you can interact with our friendly and knowledgeable staff without leaving your car. Purchase our premium cannabis products online and then swing by to quickly pick up your order. No hassle. Place your order today.

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Cannabis History

History of Cannabis in Boulder, Colorado

The History of Cannabis in Boulder, Colorado

Cannabis Culture in Boulder:

A short drive from Colorado, Boulder nestles up to the Rocky Mountains. Giving off a laid back vibe, the city’s history of counterculture is still an influence today. Close to nature, with a preference for healthy lifestyles, Boulder is a fun city with a cannabis history that goes pretty far back. Today, it’s a welcoming place for marijuana experts. There’s no shortage of recreational and medicinal dispensaries.

Photo overlooking Boulder, Colorado

Hippie culture and illegal cannabis

Boulder has a long-standing relationship with cannabis. As a hotspot for hippies throughout the 1960s and 1970’s, the city attracted a crowd of regular pot smokers. Hippies did more than just smoke, they got others to join them in Boulder. Famous tokers kept talking about the city as a place for free thinkers and cannabis lovers. Among the biggest fans were author, Jack Kerouac and poet, Allen Ginsberg

Today, Boulder traded in hippies for college kids. The students at the University of Colorado, Boulder, continue to promote cannabis. The campus serves as host for an annual 420 celebration.

Hippies in Boulder Colorado

It’s legal

Once Colorado began making marijuana legal the counterculture shifted. Everything you’d been doing didn’t have to stay a secret. The norm shifted. Cannabis wasn’t only an illegal drug. It was now able to help people with certain medical conditions. Then, it even became okay to smoke for fun.

medicinal marijuana Boulder Colorado

Medicinal marijuana

Amendment 20, or the Colorado Medical Marijuana Amendment, made medicinal marijuana legal in Colorado in November 2000. This only legalized cannabis use for certain debilitating medical conditions. Ten years later, the Boulder City Council adopted Medical Marijuana Ordinance 7716. This further helped medicinal dispensaries go legit. It set up a licensing system for medical marijuana businesses. This added a level of professionalism and respectability to the industry.

Girl smiling on train tacks with recreational Marijuana

Recreational marijuana

Not far behind the legalization of medicinal marijuana, Amendment 64 passed in 2012. This made Colorado one of the first two states to legalize recreational marijuana use. Washington did so as well that same year. The first retail cannabis stores opened in Colorado on January 1, 2014. Breaking a nation-wide ban from 1937, people in Colorado could now grow, consume and sell cannabis legally.

Cannabis being weighed in Boulder

Cannabis in Colorado today

With the recreational use of marijuana legal in Colorado, Boulder wasted no time getting on board. The pot business is booming across the city. Boulder has also become a popular spot for cannabis tours. More and more visitors arrive each year to sample product and learn more about the industry. Boulder quickly distinguished itself as a hub for marijuana connoisseurs.

More than selling a product many people enjoy, cannabis has a bigger impact. It does more than keep the willing populace feeling good. Taxes collected from the sale of marijuana helps fund schools, pave roads  and re-educate police forces. “Colorado has become the gold standard–or should we say green standard–for the rest of the nation, having provided the blueprint for legalization,” according to Elements Boulder.

Grab some green in Boulder today

No exploration through Boulder’s marijuana culture today is complete without a stop at Marquis Cannabis. We’re conveniently located in the middle of downtown. Our high-end dispensary focuses on premium strains and products like edibles, concentrates and flowers. Come and visit us to view our complete inventory of product and accessories. You can also put in an online order for curbside pick-up. We look forward to showing you why Boulder residents take so much pride in cannabis.

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