Benefits of Curbside Cannabis Pickup & Delivery 

Get your marijuana without walking into a store

Having so many choices when it comes to purchasing cannabis in Boulder is a good thing, until you can’t do your shopping on site. You may get too busy to shop around. Something outside of your control may stop you from going into stores. Either way, you need alternatives to buying product. The cannabis industry in Boulder is sensitive to these challenges. Many are offering alternatives to traditional methods for shopping. The demand for curbside pick-up or delivery is rising. Here’s what you should know about going this route for your cannabis. 

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Confirm quality

Familiarize yourself with a dispensary before you place an order. You want to make sure they meet your quality standards. Research them online or make at least one trip to the store if possible. You want to order from a dispensary that focuses on premium strains for their products to avoid disappointment in the end. You also want to work with a staff who knows their stuff. Make sure when you talk to employees they’re able to answer your questions. Employees should be friendly and helpful.

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Explore options for purchasing

Another sign of a good dispensary is how they meet the needs of their customers. For those who can’t easily walk into a dispensary, what options are available for ordering? Whether making orders online or over the phone, dispensaries should give you alternative ways of collecting your purchase.

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Curbside pick-up

It may feel a little odd driving to a store and not going in to make a purchase, but there are benefits to curbside pick-up for cannabis. If you’re new to marijuana and want to keep things discreet, you can avoid getting seen. If you’re sick or immunocompromised, you can avoid personal contact. Any reason is enough to make it okay to not walk into a store, which is why curbside pick-up is helpful. 

Here’s what the curbside process looks like in Boulder:

  • Place your order online via phone. Your dispensary will have a system in place. 
  • Wait for confirmation and details on when your order is ready for pick up.
  • Drive to the store and park, usually in a certain parking spot. Have the right amount of cash with you to complete the purchase if you couldn’t pay online with a credit card. You also need a valid ID. 
  • An employee will then come out, verify your ID and order and collect your payment. They prefer exact change, but you should add a little extra for a tip.
  • They’ll return with your cannabis order and place it in your car.
  • Before you drive off, double-check to make sure everything is correct.

It’s simple and easy. There are no lines to wait in, and no time wasted on site. You can browse online in the comfort of your own home before ordering, and pick up when it works for you.

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This is a newer service in Colorado and has yet to include recreational marijuana deliveries. Currently in Boulder, deliveries are only made for medicinal marijuana. Dispensaries must have a delivery license first. Then, you can assign them as your caregiver and order from them. Colorado made this service legal in 2020. In 2021, the state will allow the delivery of recreational marijuana. It’s up to each city whether they provide this service.

To order medicinal marijuana for delivery:

  • Place your order to your specific dispensary online or by phone.
  • With the confirmation of your order, you’ll receive a delivery time or delivery window.
  • Collect an exact cash payment and your valid ID. 
  • When your order arrives, show your ID, sign for the delivery and pay.
  • Don’t forget to tip. Twenty percent is reasonable.

Remember that deliveries must go to a home, and you must be at least 21 and a medical card holder. The maximum delivery in Boulder is either 2 oz flower, 8 g concentrate, 20,000 mg of edibles or any combination.

The benefits of delivery for cannabis center on access. You don’t have to visit your dispensary. No driving a long distance or waiting around if the store is busy. You may even get delivery outside of regular business hours. Especially if you’re sick, delivery is a great convenience.

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Easy access in Boulder, Colorado

Taking customer needs very seriously, Marquis Cannabis makes it easy to buy. With curbside pick-up in place, you can interact with our friendly and knowledgeable staff without leaving your car. Purchase our premium cannabis products online and then swing by to quickly pick up your order. No hassle. Place your order today.

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