Green Tourism in Boulder, Colorado 

Cannabis lovers opt for Green Tourism in Boulder, Colorado

Green tourism has carried multiple meanings over the last few decades. Originally, it was the term used to define hotels with that note saying they wouldn’t wash your towels if you left them on a hook. Today, many people associate it with anything that’s good for the environment. The term has held many associations, but this is not what we’re talking about here. Our version of green tourism involves cannabis, and a lot of it. 

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Cannabis tourists

Whether you toss in yoga classes or a few spa treatments and sightseeing, to be a cannabis tourist, you need marijuana. Not surprising, this type of trip is pretty popular. According to the Colorado Department of Revenue, the state had 6.5 million cannabis tourists in 2014, and the number continues to grow.

Venturing out as a green tourist means engaging with the cannabis culture in the area. You can create your own itinerary or connect with a company offering organized tours. The tours are a great way to learn about a place’s cannabis history as well as see the town. Most green tourists want more than a few dispensary tours. Take advantage of opportunities to visit growers, restaurants that cook with cannabis, cannabis massages or even cannabis-friendly art classes. It’s also okay to do a few regular touristy things too. In Boulder, that can include some amazing hikes and some fun meandering around downtown.

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Save the date

For hardcore cannabis tourists, the perfect day for vacation is, of course, April 20th. 420 is a big deal in cities like Boulder. Up to 15,000 pot smokers have gathered in the main quad of the University of Colorado to enjoy some herb. If you’re a “green” traveller, being in a state where cannabis is legal on this special day can mean a lot of extra fun. It’s also a great way to connect to the cannabis culture alongside others who appreciate recreational marijuana as well.

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Green tourism in Boulder, CO

“Boulder has ALWAYS been a very cannabis friendly city, even before mainstream legalization,” according to Kush Tourism. The city is close to so much natural beauty, in addition to being an epicenter for marijuana. You can go on some amazing hikes in Boulder, and enjoy as much cannabis as you want. This creates a unique trip you can’t get everywhere. 

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Strategic location

Boulder is the perfect pitstop for cannabis-lovers exploring the state of Colorado. Less than an hour drive from Denver, you can create a memorable day trip to this laidback hub of counterculture and weed. Trekking to a ski town for your vacation? Boulder is perfectly located to work into your itinerary for a quick smoke before hitting the slopes. Don’t pass up the opportunity for such an uncommon experience in such a beautiful place.

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Smoke and nature

If your preferred method of enjoying cannabis is with a J, and you can’t smoke indoors, get out into nature. Boulder offers scenic hikes through Flagstaff Mountain or the Flatirons. If you have an entire day, explore Eldorado Canyon State Park. You can smoke in these locations as long as you follow fire restrictions and practice general safety. If you prefer edibles, you can still have a memorable experience as a green tourist in Boulder. Head out into nature after you enjoy that special snack.

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Combine premium with craft

The other bonus to making Boulder your vacation destination are the breweries. You can pick up some premium cannabis from one of the high-end, local dispensaries, then grab a locally-brewed cold one. Craft breweries are as easy to find throughout Boulder as dispensaries. Stick close to the University of Colorado, Boulder campus for some great options in both beer and food. 

  • BRU offers a variety of ales as well as a list of non-barley based beers. Their dinner menu is also nothing to sneer at with sourdough pizzas and entrees like harissa chicken kabobs and crispy confit pork.
  • Vision Quest is another brewery/restaurant worth a visit. They also offer drive-thru pickup if you call ahead on beers like Ship in a Bottle and Hazy Citrus IPA. 

From cold-pressed juice and speciality coffee in the morning, all the way up to a fine dining experience at night, Boulder has the whole package — food, brew and cannabis.


Keep it green

Being a green tourist today means appreciating all the regular tourist stuff a city offers while also paying special attention to its cannabis culture. Boulder offers it all. The beauty of nature combined with a charming town, laid back vibe and plenty of pot. You get the full experience. 

While visiting Boulder, make sure one of your stops is Marquis Cannabis. This high-end dispensary focuses on premium strains and products like edibles, concentrates and flowers. We’re conveniently located right in downtown Boulder, making us an easy stop to add to any travel itinerary. We look forward to seeing you

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