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The great thing about Boulder is that nothing is too far away from anything else. A compact city, in a beautiful location, Boulder has a small town feel. It doesn’t, however, lack the amenities of a more urban environment. With the legalization of both medicinal and recreational marijuana, cannabis if one thriving industry in Boulder. Dispensaries exist throughout the city. To find the best cannabis dispensary for you, you’ll want to consider quality as well as location.

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Product quality

Pay close attention to product before you buy. This helps distinguish premium cannabis from the lower-quality stuff. Premium cannabis receives better care from the moment it’s planted. Often grown holistically, the “good stuff” is usually cultivated using organic products. It’s also often grown in smaller batches to provide extra personal care. The genetics of the seed play an important role as well to ensure a quality product sold at the best cannabis dispensaries around the world.

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Next, cannabis gets harvested and processed into products you can buy at your local dispensary. Like Cannabis flower…To identify premium cannabis flower, look for these plant traits:

  • Color — cannabis buds that range from light to dark green are the good stuff. It means they’ve come from a healthy plant.
  • Trichomes — you should also see little spikes that almost sparkle on the plant. These trichomes are indicative of quality.
  • Smell — whether you get notes of funk, flowers or fruit, if your marijuana has a dense and robust scent, you’re good. The stronger the smell, the better the strain. It means the plant has a higher concentration of natural chemical compounds. Specific high-quality smells consist of coffee, chocolate, flowers or citrus.

You also want to take into consideration the vibe of your dispensary. If it feels dirty, or the staff isn’t knowledgeable about what they’re selling, you’re not in a high-quality establishment. They most likely won’t carry premium cannabis if they don’t know how to properly care for it. You can’t be the best cannabis dispensary operating like that! 

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Shop access

After finding the best quality cannabis in Boulder, take note of the location of your dispensary. Having to drive half an hour for a pick-up isn’t always worthwhile. Maybe the dispensary’s hours don’t work with your schedule. Maybe traffic is just too much to make the trip. It’s important to have the right location, selling high-quality cannabis to get the best experience purchasing cannabis.

You’ll most likely find more than one dispensary that sells premium cannabis. Once you do, narrow down the best choice by looking at these additional factors:

  • When are they open?
  • How long will it take me to drive there and back?
  • Is parking easy?
  • Am I comfortable shopping there?
  • Is the dispensary itself as high-end as its product?

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As delivery becomes available, the location of your dispensary will factor in heavily as well. The service isn’t widely available yet in Colorado. However, the success of delivery in California is inspiring other states to consider the option. As of 2020, Boulder allows the delivery of medicinal marijuana. Dispensaries must have a license and you can only order from your assigned caregiver location. Colorado plans to allow the delivery of recreational marijuana in 2021. While the state will legalize it, it’s up to each city whether they participate.

The location of your dispensary matters because it impacts the time it takes for you to get a delivery. If your dispensary is across town, longer wait. One that’s closer means faster service, which everyone likes. Make sure to ask your favorite dispensary whether they’re licensed to deliver medicinal marijuana.

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The best products and the perfect location in Boulder, Colorado

Marquis Cannabis offers premium products in a central, Boulder location. Located downtown on Broadway, we’re close to the University of Colorado, Boulder, Central Park and Pearl Street Mall. Surrounded by a ton of restaurants, taverns and a Biergarten, we are a perfect dispensary to visit. Whether you want to start your day with us or swing by on your way home, we make it easy. Come to Marquis Cannabis and see why our friends say we’re the best cannabis dispensary in Boulder. 😉  

Our central location will also help for deliveries. We’re close to all major downtown spots. We also have quick access to areas around Central Boulder, Mapleton Hill, Lower Arapahoe and University Hill. You won’t have a long wait ordering from us.

Learn more about the strains and products we offer, then come in and check us out. You’ll like what you see.

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